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AdGuard for Windows (10, 7, 8/8.1)

The AdGuard is a unique app for blocking ads for iOS, Mac, and Android as well. It is not only available for previous mentioned operating systems but it also has a version for Windows as well. The AdGuard for desktop wnidows is an amazing app which is fully equipped with all essential features for best web experience. The app combines the most advanced ad block features for Windows along with the whole privacy protection module. Also, the Adguard ad blocker combines a parent control tool for saving kids from watching adult and other inappropriate content. All these features are working in any apps and browsers.

AdGuard for Windows

AdGuard for Windows

AdGuard for Windows Tech Specs

AdGuard for Windows gives you a solid and reasonable protection that instantly and without your cooperation filters loading pages online. AdGuard removes all the irritating advertisements and popups, blocks fraudulent websites, and does not enable anybody to track your activities on the Internet.

AdGuard for Window



System Requirements

  • Compatible: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Web Browsers: Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Yandex Browser, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
  • Free Disk Space: 50MB

Why Choose AdGuard?

1-Ad Blocking

The AdGuard ad filter is specially built for blocking all kinds of ads such as pop-ups while surfing on the internet, videos ads while watching any video online and while playing Game—they all will gonna be removed. The AdGuard’s unnoticeable background filtering and cosmetic processing—you’ll see a clean ad-free page with the content you looking for.

2-Safe Web Surfing

The AdGuard not only blocks ads but also it saves you from the fraudulent, phishing websites and malvertising. It checks the whole database to look for any malicious content and blocks request to save you from any potential danger.

3-Privacy Protection

AdGuard saves your privacy by fighting against all the web trackers and system analytics that spy on you to get access to your personal information. Basically, the AdGuard Ad-Blocker program block cookies of any third party, hide your IP address and give you a bulk of other features to protect your sensitive information.

4-Parental Control

One being parent never want his/her kid to watch any inappropriate content—so, there comes AdGard that protects you, children, online. With this, you can switch anytime to a specific DNS you want which blocks all inappropriate adult content and removes obscene material from search results, and provide parents with the highly customizable blacklist to get the safest web browsing experience for kids.

AdGuard | Browse in Stealth Mode

1-Protect your Data

Everyone values the personal data more than anything but nowadays many web-based trackers try to steal your personal data that you even do not want it to be accessed by anyone else. The AdGuard has a dedicated module for this situation to protect it from happening.

2-Disguise Yourself Online

Rather than simply hiding your profile online, you can change it and make it appear anyone else or browse anonymously.

3-Block Browser API

In some cases your browser becomes the biggest threat to your privacy, it can track your location and leak your IP address. The Adguard ad blocker has a built-in program for this situation which doesn’t let the browser to do that.

Blocks Video Ads

1-Don’t Waste Your Time

Video ads are not only the annoying, but it also wastes your much time. By using AdGuard ad blocker you can save you time by blocking all these ads and can use it in some better manner.

2-No Ads on YouTube

We’d bet you like watching YouTube and you don’t like advertisements. The same goes for us! Fortunately, AdGuard ad blocker for PC makes no special case for video advertisements.


The AdGuard for Windows is a unique desktop program that not only blocks the ads but protects your privacy and the parental control tool protects your kids from viewing inappropriate content. In the case you have any question then contact us w would love hearing from you.


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