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If you are an iOS user then you might notice that the Safari Browser has a built-in ad blocker, that is no doubt good but in some cases, it also fails to block ad in games and YouTube videos. The AdGuard Pro for iOS has much more to offer than the regular ad blocker of Safari. It allows the access to the custom DNS setting, the app saves your kids from seeing adult content online and also it allows you to block the ads. The Ad Guard also protects your sensitive data from those dangerous and fraudulent websites.

AdGuard iOS Pro

AdGuard iOS Pro

AdGuard for iOS Tech Specs

AdGuard for iOS Pro is an application that blocks all irritating advertisements in Safari and ensures safer and ad-free browsing. In addition, it shields web-based tracking and secure protection of your own information. After downloading the application, you get an advertisement-free and safe web surfing, where sites open quite faster. Try it and enjoy a superior web-surfing experience on your iPhones and iPads.


AdGuard for iOS Pro



System Requirements

  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or more
  • Browser: Safari
  • Free Disk Space: 24.4MB

Why AdGuard Pro?

1-Block Ads Everywhere

There are only fewer people who know that the ads can be blocked by custom DNS setting. The AdGuard Pro iOS ad blocker enables you to set the DNS setting as per your requirement and enjoy advertisement free environment not only for browsing but for built-in apps as well such as chrome, Games and other browsers like that.

2-Flexible Configuration

Do you have a specific site you can’t stand? Or on the other hand the other way around, you think some site is blocked unreasonably by your ISP? The inbuilt DNS request log enables you to effectively track all DNS requests and block by adding to blacklist or whitelist anything you need with only one tap.

3-Family Protection

In the present era, the internet is the best thing that makes our lives a lot easier. We can contact everything around the globe and can access everything we want in just one tap. But everything available over there is not suitable for kids. With the above mention flexible configuration of AdGuard you can switch to any time to any DNS provider providing protection for children from adult content or any bad and inappropriate content online.

AdGuard for iOS Pro DNS & Parental Control

1-Default Setups

The AdGuard provide you default setting for any DNS provider. You can choose from multiple pre-set DNS configuration options such as OpenDNS, Google, and other popular options.

2-Family Protection

The best feature for what we recommend AdGuard ad blocker is its “Family Protection” feature. With this, you can switch to any DNS provider having a special profile for saving kids from viewing adult content online.

3-Custom DNS Setting

If you are not satisfied with default DNS options, then don’t worry the AdGuard is enough flexible that allows you to add any number of your desired DNS setup and also you can switch between them any time.


The ads are annoying in all aspects, it irritates while internet surfing while watching YouTube video and also while playing Games—these ads are best in ruining the whole fun. So get AdGuard for iOS Pro and make your surfing faster and safer.


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