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AdGuard for Android

The ads are part of our daily life but at some points, these ads become a most annoying thing. Doesn’t matter you are an Android user, iOS user or Windows PC user—you definitely do not want to see these irrelevant ads. Actually, I don’t know completely about your pals but I myself hate those annoying things. Basically, I am writing this article for, especially Android device users to tell them that I have brought a solution for them named AdGuard for Android. The AdGuard is unique add blocker for android and the best advantage of using this is that it requires no root.

AdGuard for Android

AdGuard for Android

With AdGuard Add Blocker you can remove ads from apps and web browser which helps safe surfing and protects your privacy. You can also manage different apps with its help. It set up is quite easy and has a very user-friendly interface.  The AdGuard is powerful and highly customizable app. It is fully equipped with features and contains almost anything that an Android user looks for in Android Adblock tool, Good for both rooted and unrooted devices.

AdGuard for Android



AdGuard Tech Specs

AdGuard for Android gives you solid and manageable protection. AdGuard expels all the irritating ads from site pages and applications, blocks loading of unsafe sites, and does not enable anybody to track your activities on the Internet.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Android 4.0.3+
  • RAM: 700MB
  • Free Disk Space: 30MB

Why Choose AdGuard?

1-Blocks Ads Everywhere

The “block ads everywhere” means the AdGuard blocks throughout the entire system, including video ads and the other ads in your favorite game, browser and on any website. There are a lot of ads filters are available to updates on the regular basis—which ensures the magnificent filtration quality.

2-Cares about your Privacy

As everyone values the privacy of personal data and obviously no one wants it to get accessed by any other. The AdGuard ensures your safety by restricting all the analytics and tracking system that creep on the website and try to steal or access your sensitive information.

3-Saves your Traffic

Having more ad blocker install means you’ll get fewer ads and getting fewer ads means more traffic is being saved. Simply download the AdGuard APP file, install it and spend your you valuable time and traffic on the things you like rather than wasting on annoying ads.

4-You stay in control

At last, the truth is that—you are the user and it is your device, and you’ll device what you want to see and what you want to block, the AdGuard comes with wide range of setting start from basic to pro. And the best thing is that you can manage and customize apps by using AdGurad’s built-in app management tool.

Try AdGuard ad blocker for Android apps for free of cost. It’s guaranteed that if you once used this app you won’t go back.

No ads in Apps & Games

1-Block Adds in Apps

The worst situation while having fun with the game is that an ad pops up and forces you to tap on it which ruins the whole fun.

2-Take care or your privacy

Just like websites, the mobile apps are also trying to steal your private data but the AdGuard is quite reliable in that situation and gives them a hard time doing this

3-See the content

We all know the screen of a mobile is smaller than a PC Screen and you simply you don’t want the banner ad to cover the whole space. The AdGurad is helpful in this situation as well.

Your Device—Your Rules

1-Manage your Apps

With the help of AdGuard, you simply shut down WiFi or mobile data access for any app. This will help you track which app transmits data.

2-Customize Filter

As mentioned above that the AdGuard has a very customizable filtering system, if you don’t want to filter any specific app or browser than with just one tap it’ll be excluded from the filtration list.

3-Watch what’s going on

With the built-in apps management module, you can track which app is getting more traffic


The AdGuard for Android is no doubt an amazing app for Android users which helps you in all aspect such as internet surfing, privacy protection, apps management, and customizable filtering. If you have any query regarding this then let us know in the comment section.


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