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Is you are facing the issue of relevant or irrelevant ads on the internet? No need to worry anymore we have come with the adguard apk the best ad blocking app available for free. Download free adguard Apk 2018 latest version from the button provided below.

Adguard is the best way to get rid of sticky ads in your browser and online tracking. Adguard apk is the best application to secure your visit and protect your integrity by keeps your system away from the malware. Adguard apk also helps to boost your website speed and sufferings on a global network. You will feel more comfortable with Adguard if you are previously using any other add blocking app or ad-blocking extension in your web browser.




Adguard is the ultimate solution to advertisement issue during your session on the internet. It also blocks in-app ads which comes in the middle of your favorite games and videos. Adguard apk is no root unique application to manage your apps and protect you’re your privacy in an organized way. The adguard is easy to use and highly effective against all types of application pop-ups or ads to block the application to are currently going with. Easy setup, effective against app types, powerful blocking criteria, more customization features and everything that you can expect from the best ad blocking app Adguard apk. The adguard is programmed for bother rooted and no rooted system there for it is considered as the best android adblock tool 2018.

Free download latest AdGuard Apk 2018

The adguard apk is free as well as a paid application for your smartphones. Upon downloading it now you will get a free 14 days trial to judge the pros and cons of the adguard by your own experience. Download the latest version of AdGuard 2018 from the button below. Please note that the downloading is absolutely free you will not be asked for any kind of payment and or signup to any registration panel.




Adguarddownload for Android

As we have already mentioned the adguard apk is the best ad removing an app. The universal compatible apk for removing apps from everywhere is just a click away from you. To get adguard apk for android we have provided the link, go through it. The application can be easily used with all androids version greater then android 4.0 the smartphones of these days used are manufactured by imposing the latest technology which is best in the favor of adguard apk. The apk files do not need any other special setting or supporting file other than the files it comes along with. Try the amazing ad blocker adguard apk for your android based mobiles for free and enjoy a lot of value. I am dam sure once you go with adguard app on your mobile or tablet you will not use any other ad blocker app.

Adguard Apk Information


Type APK
CategoryFree Ad blocking application
Latest version 2.2.3
Size4.3 MB
Developed by ADGUARD Software LTD.
SupportAndroid 16 and above


After the information mentioned above the latest version of adguard apk 2.2.3 only required two permissions which are

  • Permission to open network sockets
  • Access of network information of the device


No ads with adguard chrome apk

Focusing the mobile view of your liked apps where there is small or screen to view content. In that small size screen, you cannot afford to have any advertisement banner on that screen. In this situation, the adguard become essential for you. The adguard blocks all video ads and banners in your browser as well as in games and apps. Beside it take care of your privacy very well and did not leak your personal data. Whenever you play an online game a pop-up bouncing will force you to tap on it this will not last more in front of adguard the best-known ad blocker apk.

Rule your Device with adguard apk latest version

Your device – your rules

Adguard gives you complete control of your device and allows you to manage the settings of your device. You can control which app can control data and which app can use mobile data packet. Beside it, you can also shut down and restart the Wi-Fi for a selective application using adguard.

Watch you Device with adguard apk

Watch what’s going on your device with ad guard’s app management feature.  The management modules give the right information about each app and you can keep a complete eye on application knowing that which app is using what amount of data. How much traffic an app consumes and other.

Adguard apk premium

Adguard Apk is known as the word most advanced ad blocker. It has come with a different product to run on different devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, iPad or others.  App adguard apk source files are here under this section. Read and download that best match your needs.

AdGuard for Windows

Not like other ad blocker adguard for windows is the real time hero for Microsoft windows based operating system this does not only blocks the ads but also stop loading the harmful pages and speed up the webpage loading. Adguard fora window is a multipurpose application tool. Child protection and best web experience for newbies can be only retained with adguard apk.



ADGuard for Mac

Like window based system and application downloaded from Play Store. A version of adguard app is specifically dosed to work on Mac OS it does not support to defend ads in safari browser but also protect from frauds and other disoperation.



AdGuard for Android

The ideal solution to stop ads in android us only possible with adguard apk. The android package file will easily install all its feature in few seconds and get sets to work for you. It does not require root access as many other ad blocking apps need. With many filters, management options and satisfaction to use the adguard is the best ad blocking app in 2018.



AdGurad Content Blocker

Along with blocking ads in all OS the adguard works to get block harmful or malware content which includes web pages and other. Adguard content blocker will perfectly suit users of Samsung and Yandex mobile browser.  The user can switch between more than 20 languages and general filters.



AdGuard for iOS

Adguard apk is considered as the most effective ad blocker for safari. It not only blocks ads but also counters the speed of page loading by protecting your personal data. More than 50 filters available to adjust according to your preferences.



Adguard for IOS pro

Adguard pro work same the adguard for IOS works. The pro adguard apk has some additional feature such as to add a firewall, parental privacy control, and custom DNS settings. It also increases your internet speed.



Adguard apk is also available for the diferent browser who f=does not fall in the upper categorise. In all these browsers you can add adguard app as an extension which will provide sathe me features as adguardapk provides. The list of web browsers is Chrome, Edge, Safari, Mozilla FF, and Opera

Why to choose adguard free apk?

Many people ask why they should choose adguard apk for their personal use. The answer is the adguard is unmatchable with its performance and features. The reasons to install adguard apk could be more but some of them are below.

  • Facility to block ads everywhere such as to block ads from the games, videos, and other utility apps.
  • Thousands of filters available with the guaranty of filter quality you can frequently update all of them.
  • No compromise on the security and privacy of your data.
  • Ad guards also protect from online trackers and other lurk websites who are in the look to steal your sensitive information whenever they get a chance.
  • Save tour traffic and have all of its analytical views with adguard apk
  • Simple download the adguard.Apk file, install it and use your traffic in the apps rather than wasting on unwanted ads.
  • All control of your device from basic to pro level is in your hands. Just run the device according to y to you.

Best Features of Adguard 2.8 & 2.9 Apk

The adguard apk is popular for the features and value it adds in the life of its users. Beside smaller size, dynamic build and interactive UI, it is safe, secure and best for handling ads. The detailed features of adguard apk are discussed below.

  1. Ad Blocking with AdGuard Apk

Best ad blocking apk for all types of advertisement. The adguard apk is able to control ads including video ads, text ads, popups, banners, interstitial ads floating and static ads and other categories which are not listed here. The adguard apk is not only restricted to block ads bit it can also block a specific web page, phishing pages, and unwanted content. No a single element of the unwanted page will last longer against the best adguard apk.

  1. Safe browsing and Privacy with Adguard apk

Ad guard does not want ant malware and virus to enter your system. These third party attacks can prove harmful for you. Adguard apk gives full protection of your personal data from any possible threats. Adguard Apk blocks third party tracking systems adware, spyware and other irrelevant material. In addition, to add more value adguard gives notification for the malicious and websites which are risky to visit.

  1. Integration Mode for adguard apk

Adguard has an extension option in integration mode if you are already using the full version of adguard for windows or adguard for Mac OS. This will work as an assistant and prove a useful tool for keeping your integrity safe.

  1. Dealing with Anti-Adblock Scripts using adguard apk

Some application and website used anti ad scrips that disable ad blocking application when it comes to interacting them. No need to turn off ad blockers to visit specific websites. Adguard remains undetected to all website and scripts as this is the best ad blocked apk or top rated application to bypass ads. In other cases, if you still face any kind of issue regarding adguard apk just send us the complaint and we will handle it perfectly.

Restrictions of adguard Apk

The adguard.apkhas some limitation of use which is bulleted below

  • It required minimum Android 4.0 or above versions
  • Free trial for a limited time
  • Adguard apk is compatible with almost every web browser but the smooth running with opera mini is sometimes effected in real time data testing
  • Unlimited data of blocked threats with adguard apk

Conclusion about adguard apk

In the end of the session, I will only highly recommend if you are in trouble for by unwanted ads on your all devices either it is android or IOS. Free download adguard apk for your personal use and enjoy the latest version. Adguard apk will not disappoint you ever in the performance.

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